In order to provide our clients around the world with more high quality Phalaenopsis cut flowers, Royal Base has started a new greenhouse construction project started from September 2008.

The greenhouse complex will be complete end of March 2009. The total surface of 13,200 m
2, plus a 720 m2 double-storied floor (total 13,920 m2 floor areas.) It is segregated into four sections. Within the four sections, there is the vegetative growth area, spike inducing area, and flowering with different climate controls to accommodate different needs of Phalaenopsis growth alone with spacious working area for workers.

The new greenhouse will result in a good climate, for both Phalaenopsis and employees.

The designs of new greenhouse such as 6-meter height and two stories pad and fan systems create an optimal micro climate for stable Phalaenopsis production. Automatic irrigation and heating systems are integrated in the vegetative growth area. The dripping irrigation system is used in the flowering area to reduce mechanical damage of the petals.
Workers access to the greenhouse will be regulated in order to lower down the chance of pathogen and disease infection.

The different stage of building will be shown in the photo album.

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